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This is A. CH., the writer and founder of Moneypoly Blog (Founder… such a Millenial thing to say, whatever). Thank you for taking the time to read Moneypoly, the personal finance and investing blog for beginner investors! 


My passion for Finance and Investments started at a young age … really young age. 


How it started

When my siblings and friends played with dolls and cars, I was playing the Bank and printing out “money” for all of my family and friends, safekeeping their savings and negotiating my way through chores and favors. Such a nice kid, my mom never said.


Reality ≠ Expectations

A few years later, I graduated with a degree in Finance and then I decided to experience the real investing journey. Soon I realized that the academic knowledge I gained through my studies is not enough to mitigate against risks and generate returns. 


After this hard landing, I started looking for a good and reliable source of information about investing and personal finance. Guess what? No luck (again)! None will give you the recipe for success. Why couldn’t I just print out money like in the past?? I just couldn’t believe that investing will defend me. We used to be friends, right? 


The motivation

The game was on! I want to make it work and prove that investing is not hard. But, investing can be fun and rewarding. Everyone can invest, and everyone can become an investor.


Long story short, I threw myself into reading, learning, and listening about investments every single day. I started reading books, many books, talking to experienced investors, researching, listening to podcasts, experimenting with investing tools, analyzing companies and more. Skills and knowledge started shaping. 


The purpose

With Moneypoly, I want to create a place for beginner investors, where they can learn about money in an easy, efficient and understandable way. No (hardcore) maths or no prior Finance knowledge, just simple logic! 



A. CH.



Any questions? Contact me through the contact form, I am responding to ALL no-spammy emails.